The visionary behind Tzarḯna di Fiori
The visionary behind Tzarḯna di Fiori:
A Journey of Self-Love and Empowerment

Embark on a journey into the soul of Tzarina di Fiori, where fragrances intertwine with jewels, weaving tales of love, passion, and profound self-discovery. Our founder’s story is one of resilience, authenticity, and a deep-rooted desire to spread love and acceptance.

“I want every woman to feel they are worthy of love and all the beautiful things life has to offer,” she proclaims, her voice resonating with warmth. “It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you look—we are all the same inside. Self-love is crucial. You cannot give from an empty cup.” And thus, her journey of spreading love and oneness began, as a beacon of inspiration for women around the world to embrace their innate strength and be the leaders of their own lives.

The Roots

Anne-Marie Leilaani was born in Estonia, in a small Northern European country of only 1.3 million people. “I never felt I fit in anywhere,” she confesses, reflecting on the subtle clash between Estonian reserve and Russian exuberance within her country and even her own family (Estonia was conquered and lived under Russian rule a long time, before their final independence). “My mother’s side of the family is 100% Estonian, while my father had Estonian, Russian, and German heritage”. I saw the clashes between the cultures. Estonians can be sometimes so timid and strict and serious, and Russians are open, emotional, expressive.”

Despite her Estonian roots, she grappled with a profound sense of otherness, a sentiment that would shape her journey towards self-discovery.

Global Illumination

Her long career and deep involvement in the Tourism industry served as a gateway to the world, she encountered a mosaic of different cultures, people and experiences that illuminated the fundamental connections among humanity.. “We are all the same at the core,” she discovered, recognizing the universal yearning for love, beauty, and dreams.

“I guess traveling the world shaped me and I began to see things differently than the people around me. I had big dreams, I wanted to contribute to making this world an even more beautiful place, to find my kind of people, to inspire other women to fearlessly follow their passion, monetize their secret gift and feel accepted. “

A Discovery Amidst Adversity

In 2019, a profound financial loss shook the very foundation of her being. As a single mother facing adversity, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. “I fell into a dark place, a ‘dark night of the soul’. I was a single mother and felt powerless, helpless, alone and confused. I didn’t understand what was the meaning of my life”.

She started looking for answers, looking for God, she learned about Buddhism, and other religions’ teachings, and participated in hundreds of self-help and leadership programs. “They all said the same thing – “look within yourself and you will find all the answers”. “And I found them. It took me 4 long years”.

A pivotal moment of revelation dawned during a tender exchange with her daughter one day. The seeds of Tzarḯna di Fiori were sown. “I expressed to her what I really loved in my own childhood and also what I had always loved as an adult”. I said “Flowers, perfumes and gemstones”.

“I used to have a summer camp with a flower garden and I loved to smell the flowers there. All summers I spent with my dad taking long walks in the woods, on the beach, and the flower fields and I still remember so vividly the smells of pine trees, apple tree blossoms and the smell of sand, My father taught me to love and be one with Nature. I think everything in life happens for a reason, and only looking back we understand why and how these things were to help us become the best version of us”.

As an adult, she started to collect perfumes and she used them as a therapy. She noticed that perfumes had the ability to shift her mood, either calming her down or lifting her up, much like the effect of spending time in nature during her childhood. In the environment where she grew up, many people often felt serious or down due to the lack of sunshine, frequent rain and greyness. For her, perfume became a way to create her own world, a source of happiness and comfort. “I never wore perfumes for attention but as a powerful tool to make me feel good, feel happy.”

Daring to Be Different

“I remember vividly from my childhood when I attended kindergarten, there was a Czech amusement park that would come to town every summer. They had these arcade games of luck, where you could draw yourself a prize, like a fish game. I remember the rewards were these toy rings with colorful stones, and I loved them. I had so many of them. I recall in kindergarten, we would take the stones out from the rings and interchange them, collecting them. I guess that started my journey to loving gemstones. So, as I grew older, I became fascinated by fine jewelry. I used to visit pawn shops to find antique Russian-style earrings and rings with large colorful gemstones. I loved wearing them. My style was always different from what women usually wear in Nordic countries. People prefer more eco-friendly or modest accessories. I used to feel bad for wearing outstanding shiny jewelry and colorful clothes, like red, pink, and purple. I felt so different and wanted to be accepted by the community, so I dimmed my light a lot to fit in. But we cannot hide our true selves. We have to love who we are and treasure ourselves.

People used to ask me, ‘Are you going to a party or something?’ but it was my everyday outfit. Or ‘Why does everything have to be so floral and colorful? Why don’t you wear more black?’ But I love celebrating life and beauty. I love expressing how I feel inside. I guess it irritated people. People really tried to put me in a box, and there were times I felt embarrassed to wear my beautiful dresses and exaggerated jewelry.

Another thing people always said was that I wore too much perfume. They could smell me coming from 100 meters away and ask why I put on so much. But perfume has always been an expression of mood for me, creating a positive aura around me, like a protective shield. Every morning, I choose what kind of mood I want to have that day. Do I need energy, or to feel calm, courageous, or just happy?”


Embracing Authenticity

“In 2019, I decided that from now on, I am myself. This is the message I want to share with other women who may feel left out, lonely, strange, even among their friends or their own families. Those who feel they don’t belong, who are pressured to blend into the crowd and be like everyone else, suppressing their dreams, passion, and courage to express themselves. And to be independent.

I’ve always had a feeling that in some previous life, I was surrounded by perfumes adorned with precious stones… it all feels so familiar, so natural. But maybe I just love them too much! In the end, what matters is who you are at heart and the kindness you share with others. Even if you’ve had a colorful past you’re not so proud of and would make some choices differently, what matters is who you decide to be TODAY.”

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