THE DIAMOND GARDEN Refill 100ml Eau de Parfum

Refill your perfume bottle at home!

A lovely new way to own a personal perfume. Develop a sentimental bond with your perfume bottle. No more empty bottles left in a drawer that are too beautiful to throw away but cannot be refilled.

Like your beloved jewelry item, you can keep your perfume bottle on your nightstand forever.

Our perfume refills come with a spout. Refill and keep your favourite fragrance for many years to come.

We care about the environment, and our unique “Return us your used refill bottle” program helps minimize waste production and gives you a special discount for your next purchase. Find out more here.

We strive for minimum waste production and have minimized the outer packaging of this perfume refill bottle. We can reduce trash globally together.

Includes: The Diamond Garden 100ml Eau de Parfum refill (in aluminium bottle)


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Weight 0,9 lbs
Dimensions 5,9 × 3,94 × 3,15 in

New, I returned my used refill

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