Exclusive Design & Artisanship

Adorned by hand

We hand-embellish our perfume bottles with the finest crystals and genuine gemstones, gluing them patiently, one by one. Our beautiful bottles take up to 5 days to be bejeweled by hand. The Diamond Garden Empress Treasure Box bottle is covered with approximately 1000 crystal gems that shimmer exquisitely bright in the sunlight. To be used gently and with love, just like we should treat ourselves. Designed as a personal refillable fragrance and also as home jewelry to have something beautiful on the nightstand.

We are delighted to use Preciosa Crystals® to adorn our perfume bottles because of their long tradition in Czech glassmaking and the skills of their Bohemian craftsmen. Preciosa®, founded in Crystal Valley, Czech Republic, in 1548, is famous for giving the world Bohemian Crystal, and today their R&D laboratories are constantly developing innovative new products with the latest techniques and most modern processes. Every year they push beyond the limits of what is possible with glass and crystal.

The Crystal Valley is a unique place on Earth where unique nature has combined with the passion for glassmaking tradition and craft for a period of over 460 years. More than 300 years ago, Czech crystal was born there. The local master glassmakers then formed the first stone in the world, the first majestic chandelier, and the first crystal gem. It is also where the perfect glass bead was created. Pristinely clear glass (crystal) is practically indistinguishable from natural mountain crystal found in the nearby forests and hills. The glass’ hardness also means that it can be cut and polished, giving it a uniquely luxurious brightness, brilliance and fire.